Supply Chain Network Design Case Study

Found optimal network configuration for highly constrained network

Project Summary:


Sample Findings:

Map of customers (blue) and DCs (orange)

Map of customers (blue) and DCs (orange) (More)

Weighted by quantity

Our model reduced network costs by 45%, for a savings of $59 million!

Our model reduced network cost by 45%

By allowing for split quantities, i.e. relaxing binary constraints on Decision Variables, our model allowed all customers to be served and all demand to be met - even when distribution centers had limited capacity, three distribution centers were closed, and total network demand was increased by 15%. (More)

Relaxed binary constraints on Decision Variables

Tools Used: Regex, Python (Pandas, Numpy), Excel, Solver, OpenSolver

Course: DSB 6200 Supply Chain Analytics, Wayne State University

Assignment: Final Term Project (XRetailer Supply Chain Network Design Problem Case Study)

Submitted: May 7, 2018

Last Updated: May 9, 2018

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